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 No one knows what the future might hold. Let us prepare for a time many of us will have to experience later in life with long-term care insurance. We'll protect your quality of life from financial risk by offering home-health care coverage, assisted living care policies, nursing home care, convalescent care or coverage for adult day care. The average age of long-term care buyers has decreased from 72 in 1990 to about 58 years old today. The lifetime probability of becoming disabled in at least two activities of daily living or of being cognitively impaired is 68 percent for people age 65 or over. Our local insurance agents will tailor a policy just for you that will give you the coverage you and the care you need to enjoy the twilight of life.  


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 Now is the perfect time to build your nest egg. Whether retirement is right around the corner or if you're working to build your investments and retirement, an annuity can be an important piece of your financial future. An annuity pays out income to you and can provide a stable income during your golden years. The benefits of an annuity include safety of your principal investment, tax deductible contributions to qualified plans, tax-deferred accumulation, lifetime monthly income options and distribution of assets free of probate. Your Farmers Union Insurance agent can explain how you can receive competitive returns and plan for your future financial needs. Retirement is in everyone's future, but starting to invest and save early can really pay off later in life. 

Now is the Time.

 It is never too late to help prepare for the future. Let’s plan for tomorrow’s challenges. 

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